How to produce perfect Arabic subtitles

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How to produce perfect Arabic subtitles

Producing perfect Arabic subtitles is an artform. Working with languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu that read from right to left admittedly have their own challenges when it comes to producing subtitles.

It needn’t be difficult though, providing you follow a few simple rules:

Ensure the encoding you use is UTF-8 and that you choose a compatible font such as Arial Unicode MS for example. Be careful to check how the subtitles display if there are any instances where a left to right reading language (such as English), appears within a right to left reading language, such as Arabic.

Our Arabic subtitlers know how to balance the conflict between producing subtitles that are faithful to the audio but take into account the action on the screen and the speed of the speech. Our linguists are constantly making decisions whether to edit out any words so that readers have more time to read the subtitles, especially if an individual is speaking quickly, or will the Arabic subtitles happily carry over to the next scene instead so they ‘catch up’ with the speaker.

Our Arabic subtitlers will also take into consideration register (mother vs mum), era (wireless vs radio) and geographical Arabic-speaking regions of the target audience.

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