English transcription of celebrity interviews

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English transcription of celebrity interviews

We’ve been working on transcribing some English-language interviews, with some very well known individuals!

Here at Knockhundred Translations, we’re frequently asked to produce transcriptions of interviews (whether same-language transcription i.e. English to English) or ‘direct translation’, where we’re transcribing from one language into another.

These interviews are most-often commissioned by academic institutions, for academic research. Or sometimes we receive medical interviews, where we transcribe the content for the purpose of qualitative research… But recently we’ve been receiving some really fascinating celebrity interviews for transcription.

We’re working on a series of transcriptions for a media client. The face-to-face interviews were filmed earlier this year for part of a series and feature a number of well-known celebrities. They’re fascinating and fun to transcribe and we’re sure that the final transcriptions should help our client when preparing material for the screen.

Initially, we work on a standard transcripts, with 5-minute time-code markers (or ‘time-codes’) as standard. We then send this over to the client. This allows the production team to work out exactly which parts of the interviews they would like to use.

The client uses the transcript to pare down the material, so that eventually they’re left with the final version of the edited interview. And then, (as is the case with this particular project) if it is destined to be used internationally, it will be subtitled into foreign languages. Oh, yes – we also help with subtitling!

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