University Transcription Service: Working with Academic Institutes

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University transcription service

We have worked with many Academic Institutes over the years. These include Sheffield University, Bath University and Manchester University to name a few. A university transcription service can form a key part of many research projects. From recorded interviews to focus groups, to keynote speeches, there are many scenarios where transcription is required. And not only English transcription, as we can arrange for any language to be transcribed as per the college or University’s requirements. 

University Transcription Service – Time Spent Transcribing

Transcription isn’t as straightforward as it first appears. For every hour’s recording, you could easily spend around 4-7 hours completing the transcription,. This depends on the clarity of the recording, whether the speaker is speaking in their native language, and the complexity of the topic being discussed. 

The right tools for the job

When undertaking an university transcription service project, professional transcribers will have software to help them navigate through the source file. The transcriber will probably use a foot pedal to start and stop the audio.  This is as opposed to having to start and stop the media player each time a detail check is required. 

GDPR considerations

It can often be important to ensure any personal information is redacted when working on a transcription. Depending on the sensitivity of the subject, place names or dates may also require redaction. Just let us know.

Outsourcing & University Transcription Service

Consider the time it will take to do 1 hour of transcription, never mind if you have multiple interviews and could easily be looking at 100s of hours of work! Outsourcing to a professional transcription service will be a cost-effective way of reducing the stress involved and of course, the time dedicated, to a study or a project. 

Please click on the link if you would like more information about some of our work with Manchester University on Portuguese Transcription.

You can find out more here: Academic  Transcription. Here is the Manchester University site.

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