Subtitles and Captions for Corporate Videos

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Subtitles and Captions for Corporate Videos

International companies frequently have divisions based all over the world. In order to keep their global teams updated with the latest company developments, they produce in-house corporate videos, to inform their staff of the company’s most recent successes and future areas to focus on. Since the video will be shared among international divisions, it often needs to be subtitled and captioned. That’s where Knockhundred Translations steps in.

Usually we will receive a standalone video – often an MP4 file or similar. It’s then a case of getting our international team to work, to produce subtitles and captions in multiple languages.

Between receiving the video file and submitting the final, polished SRT, STL, FAB or SST subtitle file, a huge amount of work goes on behind the scenes. A linguist needs to be a confident translator, able to condense speech where necessary, to fit the format. They also need to be really tech-savvy, to ensure that the subtitles meet standardised conventions. There are specific line lengths and SRT subtitles should appear for certain ‘fixed’ periods of time.

Recently we’ve been receiving a number of requests for Chinese and Japanese subtitles. This adds another challenge to the mix, since sometimes our linguists may be based in different time-zones.

Fortunately, we have a huge amount of experience in producing corporate material (and in calculating time-differences!) and we’re always keen to help.

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