Subtitling Arabic into English for documentaries

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Subtitling Arabic into English for documentaries

We’ve found that over the past few years, requests for the translation of audiovisual materials have been superseding requests for document translations. Subtitling is one area that just keeps on growing and we’ve invested a lot of time and energy into developing our service, to ensure that we can subtitle in (almost!) any language.

This week we’ve been working on subtitling a documentary on religious journeys. The footage we have was shot Arabic, while our subtitles are produced in English. It will be a fascinating programme.

Our client spent the summer and autumn filming all over the world. The footage we’ve been working on was shot on-location in Saudi Arabia. Pilgrims in Mecca were filmed and told their stories. We’ve seen some fascinating clips with Arabic speakers from all over the world, describing their journeys and personal experiences. Most of those interviewed spoke Modern Standard Arabic, which all our Arabic subtitlers can handle.

Our actual subtitling process is an involved one. Initially, clients usually send us compressed video files. Our Arabic subtitlers then import the video files into specialist software and produce English subtitles from the Arabic audio. This involves a number of skills, specifically Arabic to English translation, tech-savvy know-how (to insert and time the subs accurately) and real attention to detail (to ensure that the lines are the right length, the lines break at the right points and so on and so forth).

This process is essentially the same, irrespective of the source language of the video. So for the next programme, we will be receiving material in Italian to be subtitled into English.

Watch this space!

Should you require our help with subtitles and captions do not hesitate to get in touch with us and our team will do their best to help you.


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