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Technical Translation Services

Many organisations these days have faced the challenge of expanding their global output. This can be challenging enough at the best of times but over the past few years, global commerce has become increasingly important for many businesses to survive; the world seems smaller since businesses have expanded their operations online, but at the same time, the language barrier may have become greater as new, previously untapped markets are reached. This is where technical translation services come in. 

OK – let’s start at the beginning…

What are Technical Translation Services?

  • Technical translation involves the translation of materials related to scientific and technical subject domains.
  • Requires a technical translator who understands the subject matter and specialised terms in both source and target languages.

And What Types of Material Require Technical Translation?

  • Scientific, Medical, Engineering, and Technical Journals.  These usually require linguists with graduate training in the relevant field and professional translation skills.
  • Product Spec Sheets for Electronic Equipment. These almost always require a sound working knowledge of the terminology used in the field.

Factors Affecting Technical Translation

  • Cost and Time – usually depends on the level of scientific or technical knowledge needed, availability of specialised translators, and demand for those translators.
  • English-Japanese translations can sometimes cost more due to high demand.

Other Areas of Technical Translation

  • Patent Translation – usually requires subject matter expertise and mastery of patent writing. They are sometimes crafted with broad claims, but sometimes disclose minimal new information.
  • Translation for User Manuals – specialised knowledge required and often aim for a totally objective tone without any comment or subjectivity.

Correct Translations Matter

Technical translations can become even more challenging if the industry you work in uses a certain amount of translation expertise or nuance. This then must be reflected in any documentation the company uses; whether it be marketing materials, health and safety documentation, or training manuals. 

In particular, the consequences of failing to provide adequately translated materials can be dire. Particularly if we bear in mind the importance of accurate health and safety information for employees or contractors. 

The medical industry, oil and gas, electronics, construction and legal organisations all require precise, accurate and knowledgeable translation. In these industries, failure to meet accuracy and quality standards in these areas could be truly serious for those who work within them.

Errors in translations and the consequences

Many times we see comical errors in translation, such as KFC’s translation of “Finger Lickin’ Good” translated into Chinese meaning “Eat your Fingers Off” – but, consequences can be life-changing or even life threatening. 

Medical translation errors have resulted in needless operations on patients. Also, misinterpretation of dosing information on medications or inaccurate diagnosis are very real possibilities. Or within the oil and gas industry or construction, Emergency Response Plans, Environmental Impact Assessments and Reports, Technical Specifications and Engineering Documents or Regulatory Compliance and Legal Documents must all be absolutely accurate for the safety of those who work in the industry but on a national and global level too.  

Selecting the Correct Language Resources

There are many linguists out there, but when working with a specific industry in mind, it is key to ensure that we select linguists with the correct skillset. That is where you need a trusted Language Services Provider. At Knockhundred, we have a large pool of experts across all technical translation services we offer, ready to take the work on, and we ensure that all linguists are screened, and are suitably qualified and have the correct background knowledge to meet the requirements. For legal documentation, we can also organise for certification and notarisation if required. 

Please get in touch with your requirements – we are always happy to help pair your job with the correct language professional. You can find some more info on our technical translation services here.

And here’s a fascinating article about new technology in translation. Interestingly, we are often involved in the technical translations required for this new tech itself – a kind of technical translation for translation technology if you like 😉

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