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Czech subtitling service

We asked Andrej what it is like being a Czech subtitler, the challenges of providing an accurate subtitling service, and usually having to work to very tight deadlines. He was typically candid as you will see…

Interview with Andrej

KH: You’ve worked as a Czech subtitler for 5 years now, do you also complete document translation?

A: Actually, I started out as a translator, exclusively translating documents into Czech, then one day, one of my clients asked me if I could help them create some subtitles for a documentary they had filmed. I thought this sounded interesting and decided to give it a go.

KH: How did that work out.

A: It makes me cringe now. I thought it would be so easy… How wrong I was!

KH: Oh dear. What happened?

A: A colleague suggested some subtitling software. When I installed it and saw all the waveforms, possible output formats, tools to solve problems I didn’t even know I had, I almost gave the whole thing up.

KH: What did you do?

A: I explained the situation to my client, asked for more time and set to working out how to produce beautiful Czech subtitles.

KH: And were they?

A: Well, subtitling is a art. I suspect my first Czech subtitles weren’t as good as they would be today. I now know exactly how to edit a sentence to accurately reflect the tone and meaning of the original as succinctly as possible. When I get the timing just right, I can’t help but feel satisfied.

KH: Do you only produce Czech subtitles now? Or do you still offer document translation as well?

A: Both to be honest, but given a straight choice, I’d go for subtitling any day.

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