21st Century Translation & the demand for English Subtitles

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21st Century Translation & the demand for English Subtitles

Here at Knockhundred we can remember when our clients usually demanded one of two things, either text translation, or interpreting. As technology has developed, so too have the demands of our clients. The increasing popularity and accessibility of multimedia platforms means that clients are demanding subtitles. Subtitles, subtitles and yes… more subtitles!

Over the past five years there has definitely been a significant shift toward the translation of multimedia content. The rise in requests for English subtitling has been most pronounced, although we’ve also noticed more enquiries concerning direct translations into English from audio or video content.

Recently, we’ve received some new commissions from both private sector companies and charities, both requesting (into) English subtitles. The content has been really varied, with different source languages and different subject matter (infomercial/humanitarian), but our job remains the same – to produce English subtitles from foreign language content. We have a team of experienced linguists all technically skilled in using specialist software and able to produce really clear, succinct and accurate English subtitles.

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