English Subtitling is My Favourite Service

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English Subtitling is My Favourite Service

We are able to fulfill various services in-house, but I think that without a doubt, our English subtitling service is my personal favourite.

When I started working at Knockhundred in 2008, I had never subtitled any video or film in my life. I had managed multiple English subtitling projects before, but not actually produced the subtitles myself. I remember the project well that started me off on my love affair with subtitling.

We were asked to produce English subtitles for a large number of fashion videos in a very short space of time. The project meant that we had to recruit extra people to fulfill the work, and to produce training material so that the correct conventions were followed.I don’t know what possessed me, but when volunteers were sought for the role, I put myself forward.

I was already aware of the rudimentaries of the art of subtitling, and knew my way around our in-house subtitling software from a basic point of view, but now I had to learn how to put my knowledge to practical use. It isn’t as straightforward as you might imagine. I had to consider the following aspects:

  • Character restrictions
  • Number of lines per subtitle
  • Maximum and minimum number of seconds a subtitle should appear on-screen
  • How to deal with numerals
  • How to deal with measurements
  • Where to split sentences
  • How to deal with prepositional phrases
  • Punctuation and grammar rules
  • How to deal with complex syntactic structures

Once you have a number of subtitling projects under your belt, the standard conventions become second nature. You start to know how to time and split lines automatically!

I’ve really enjoyed learning this somewhat unusual skill and also passing on the knowledge to others. We now have a massive team of subtitlers, always interested in any new project that may come up.

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