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Script Preparation Services

Most of us will sit down after a day’s work to scroll through the latest Netflix offerings, but unless you work in the creative industry or indeed the languages industry, the chances are you won’t have thought about the many elements that go into making the polished end-product before you! Knockhundred works with many content creators, offering different sorts of script preparation services to ensure their content reaches a broader audience across the globe.

Translation and Timing! 

Many TV shows you know and love could already be on the way to airing overseas for a different international audience. However, there are a number of steps which must be taken before this happens. A TV show may already have been filmed in a certain language but the client may wish for it to receive either voiceover or subtitling. For script preparation, the content is analysed and translated by our expert team of linguists, ensuring that it is correctly timecoded, linguistic nuances are correctly portrayed, and any on-screen text captured and translated. The scripts are then returned to the film company before they end up as a voiceover script in the hands of an actor, or converted into subtitle files. 

Script Preparation Services for an Increasingly Global Community

With the continued growth in streaming services around the world, users are frequently looking for new and interesting content from anywhere around the world. We only have to scroll through Amazon Prime or Netflix to see the boom in such industries as Korean action and horror or Nordic Noir. 

There are any number of media platforms requiring script preparation; whether it is a reality TV series, an instructional video, advertisements, or feature films. Our expert team is ready to take on the task and ensure the output is a polished script ready for the next step in production. It is important to engage a linguistic team who understand the nuance of the language, and can bring a true understanding of the tone and feel of the content to ensure the translation is not only technically accurate, but also flows the way it was supposed to, taking into account the formality of the language spoken, any slang or modern terms used, and ensuring the true meaning of the content is construed.  

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More info on voiceover, dubbing, scripts and subtitles here. And a conversation about whether to use dubs or subs here, (dubbing or subtitling).

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