Malgorzata, Polish Interpreter – West Yorkshire

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Malgorzata, Polish Interpreter - West Yorkshire

We receive requests for interpreters on an almost daily basis. Their lives are busy and the jobs are varied. We asked Malgorzata to tells us all about Polish interpreting in West Yorkshire.

Interviewer: Hi Malgorzata, how are you?

Malgorzata: I’m fine, thanks, but a bit tired today.

Interviewer: Really, why’s that?

Malgorzata: Well, yesterday I had two long assignments and I had another one locally this morning, so it’s been a busy couple of days.

Interviewer: Really, can you tell us more about the different jobs you’ve been working on?

Malgorzata: Yes, of course, no problem. Yesterday morning I had to visit a food manufacturer. Some Polish delegates were visiting and needed help with interpreting. The client needed me to interpret on site to help them out. It was really interesting and quite a challenge really, as some of the vocabulary was fairly advanced.

Interviewer: It actually sounds quite fun! And what about in the afternoon?

Malgorzata: That was completely different. I was at a solicitor’s office in Leeds and I was interpreting while the solicitor prepared a will for their client.

Interviewer: So pretty varied then! And how about this morning?

Malgorzata: Oh, this morning wasn’t much fun really. It involved a disagreement at work and I interpreted at a disciplinary hearing. My job is just to interpret though, as I have to be completely impartial. You have fun assignments and not-so-fun ones. That’s life I guess!

Interviewer: Yes, I guess so. What’s the best interpreting assignment you’ve ever had?

Malgorzata: Oh that’s easy! There was an international food fair and I was contracted to interpret for one of the Polish food importers. It was really cool – there were lots of snacks and they gave me some freebies to take home.

Interviewer: Brilliant! Well, I know you probably need a break for lunch, so we’ll stop the interview now, but thanks for chatting to us today and have a lovely afternoon.

Malgorzata: You too, bye then.

Interviewer: Bye then.

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