Multilingual Subtitling for the Fashion Industry

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Multilingual Subtitling for the Fashion Industry

Global fashion houses need to reach out to audiences globally, to advertise their products and to keep their brand in the public eye. With contemporary production techniques, it’s now straightforward to subtitle videos into multiple languages, to reach consumers all over the world.

We’ve been receiving a number of commissions from a variety of global fashion houses. We are usually sent an advertisement for a particular high-end fashion brand, with a voiceover in English. Since the client aspires to reach as high a target audience as possible, the advertisement is then subtitled into multiple languages. Here at Knockhundred Translations Limited, we are used to producing subtitles and captions into (almost!) any language. Most frequently, however, our clients request subtitles from English into French, Arabic, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

The subtitling process itself demands a fairly specialised skillset. Our French, Russian, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese linguists obviously have to be experienced and appropriately qualified, able to translate into their native language with perfect accuracy, whilst respecting any idioms of culturally specific references. They also need to be completely au fait with the tech, that is, being able to use subtitling software whilst observing widely accepted subtitling conventions.

In simple terms, this means that they need to be able to script video speech, so that it is accurate, but succinct. There should only be two lines per subtitle and those lines should ideally be no longer than thirty five characters. In the case of Japanese & Chinese, this changes to fourteen characters per line. Subtitles should also not appear for less than two seconds and not more than seven seconds either. These are, of course, just a couple of examples of the sort of rules that need to be observed when producing the subs.

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