Is there any such thing as ‘standard German transcription’?

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Is there any such thing as standard German transcription?

Most people learn what is known as ‘standard’ or ‘High’ German, but there are lots of dialects and accents spoken in Germany. This why our German transcribers must be native speakers and why we have assembled a German transcription team able to tackle a wide range of accents.

Other than ‘standard’ German, these are the most common accents and dialects we encounter:

1) Swiss German

2) Austrian German

3) The Bavarian dialect

4) The Upper Saxon dialect

5) The Berlin dialect

6) Low German

It is probably an obvious observation, but I suspect we have all struggled to understand people speaking with accents from different parts of a country. Somebody from Essex may struggle to understand somebody from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne for example – and vice versa! The accents and dialects in Germany can pose similar challenges.

Because we transcribe a wide range of German recordings taken from a number of countries, we take care to match the source material with an appropriate German transcriber to produce the most accurate result.

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