Dutch transcription with a difference!

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Dutch transcription with a difference!

We’ve been working in close collaboration with a number of higher education institutions based in the Netherlands. For our most recent project, over twenty hours of qualitative research interviews were conducted in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Eindhoven and we were asked to complete redacted transcripts of the audio (MP3) recordings.

The material was collected for a large project, established to research and record the day-to-day life-experiences of particular populations, in various Dutch cities. The interviews were predominantly conducted face-to-face, with a small number conducted over the telephone. Fortunately they were all recorded as audio (as opposed to video) files, so file sizes were megabytes (not gigabytes), which really helped us here at Knockhundred!

Our Dutch transcription team have a huge amount of experience, transcribing same-language (Dutch) material, producing direct translations from Dutch into English and even producing Dutch subtitles and captions. For this particular project, personal information within the scripts had to be redacted (names, place names and so on). This was to protect the confidentiality of the participants. Fortunately this is not an unusual request for us, so it was easy to ensure that the Dutch transcripts all met the client’s specifications.

Since we managed to complete the material to schedule (10 days) and to spec, the client will be commissioning the follow-up material next year. Our team will, as ever, be on standby.

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