Zuckerberg’s Mandarin skills are an example to us all

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Zuckerberg’s Mandarin skills

For most businesses looking to export, China is surely an obvious starting point. As a relatively new economic superpower, no wonder Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame, made sure that he would be able to satisfactorily communicate in Mandarin during his visit to China in 2017.

As Bruce Sweigert comments, ‘The Chinese are incredibly proud of their culture, and for a big part in history they have been expected to learn English (or another foreign language) in order to succeed in a modern, globalized world. The fact that foreigners are now making the effort to learn their language is really satisfying to them because it shows that both China has become a true world power, and also that the speaker has taken the time and effort to learn the Mandarin language – kind of a leveling of the playing field if you will.’

The chinese are so keen that we should speak their language, that they have put their money where their mouth is with subsidies being offered to American universities to make it easier for people to learn Mandarin.

Mandarin is the official language of the most highly populated country on earth, so it makes absolute sense for businesses to translate their marketing material, product information and websites into this language. How often have you ordered something from a website that is only in Mandarin?

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