Translating for clothing retailers

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Translating for clothing retailers

We work with a number of on-line retailers and we regularly receive requests for content translation, destined for clothing websites. Recently, we’ve been working on translating English descriptions of sports clothing into French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German.

Our linguists have been working on these types of translations for several years and so have familiarised themselves with the client’s expectations and the specific guidelines they need to follow. Manufacturers often like to describe their products in different ways (so unfortunately, a ‘T-Shirt’ is rarely just described as a T-shirt!) In addition, brand names may, or may not be translated. This means that while the actual translation may be straightforward, our European linguists need to be really careful and observant that they are one-hundred-per-cent consistent when producing their content translations. They have to ensure that the clothing descriptions are absolutely spot-on and are effectively the same, across multiple territories (France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany).

As project managers, we make it our business to look ahead and anticipate any possible confusion or problems that can arise with a project. With this in mind, we always quiz our client to find out exactly what’s needed (requesting glossaries or summaries wherever appropriate) and we make sure that our team are absolutely au fait with what’s needed.

Once the translations are completed, it’s really satisfying to see the content on the client’s website with the same clothing descriptions appearing in French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch or German at the touch of a button.

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