Academic discount for transcription service

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Academic discount for transcription service

We understand that students can face budgetary constraints when it comes to transcribing their research interviews. That’s why we offer an academic discount.

We sometimes see posts like this one from Research Gate:

“I’m a PhD student and I have done interviews with 60 people for my thesis. Each of my interviews are between 45-60 minutes. Could you please advise if there is any software that I might use for the most reliable and fastest transcription? I have tried manually transcribing but it is frustrating, tiring and time consuming.”

While automatic transcription is available, it really isn’t up to the job. We know this because we work regularly with speech recognition developers to test and produce the data for this technology. Perhaps one day the results will be good enough, but we’re certainly not there yet.

I can sympathise with the PhD student above who finds manual transcription so time consuming and tiring. When I started transcribing, it could sometimes take me 6 times the length of an audio file to produce a satisfactory transcript. Especially if I was dealing with any unfamiliar accents. Nowadays, with my transcription software, headphones and foot pedal, I am much faster.

Our transcription service is more affordable than people might think – and we can get the job done quickly and accurately. If you are a student, and would like to learn more about our transcription service for universities, please get in touch and one of our project managers would be happy to take you through the available options.


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