Amplifying the Laughs: Spanish Subtitling Adventures

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In a groundbreaking collaboration, Ecuador-based 2bLatam, the creative force behind the immensely popular Spanish-language comedy channel, has joined hands with Mexican media and entertainment indie Elefantec Global to embark on an exciting journey of Spanish subtitling adaptation.

Elefantec Global’s Impressive Portfolio

Led by former Televisa executive José “Pepe” Bastón, Elefantec Global has carved its niche with notable productions like “Bosé” for Paramount+ in Latin America and “La rebellion” for ViX+. Meanwhile, boasts a staggering 70 million subscribers across its social media platforms, making it the largest Spanish-language comedy channel worldwide.

Bringing Humor to the Silver Screen

This strategic partnership aims to bring the unique humor of’s sketches to the silver screen, with the first project centered around one of the channel’s iconic characters. Details of this exciting venture will be unveiled in due time, promising a delightful treat for fans eagerly anticipating the transition from screen to cinema, made possible through meticulous adaptation for Spanish audiences.

Tailoring Content for Mexican Audiences

Furthermore, the collaboration extends to the development of a Mexican version of select sketches, tailored to resonate with Mexican audiences through the art of subtitling in Spanish. Arturo Yépez, CEO of 2bLatam, underlines their approach of integrating film production with a robust marketing strategy, leveraging digital campaigns and content creators to expand’s reach beyond conventional platforms, with a special focus on Spanish subtitling.

Enthusiasm for Global Expansion

Bastian Manintveld, president and co-founder of the 2btube group, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership’s potential to amplify’s unique voice globally, emphasizing the positive impact of entertainment and humor on society, now accessible through carefully crafted Spanish subtitles.

Pride in Collaborative Content Development

José “Pepe” Bastón echoes this sentiment, expressing pride in collaborating with the talented team to develop and expand content that has brought laughter to millions across Latin America, made more accessible through Spanish subtitles.

Highlighting Popular Sketches

One of’s standout sketches, a parody of the Japanese manga series “Captain Tsubasa” titled “Super Campeones” (“Super Champions”), has garnered over 100 million views, highlighting the popularity of their comedic content among the region’s youth, now further enhanced by the addition of Spanish subtitles.

Continued Success and Commitment

This collaboration follows 2bLatam’s previous success in adapting YouTube phenomenon “Mortal Glitch” into an English-language premium TV series, marking a significant milestone for the Ecuadorian company’s foray into English-language programming, alongside their commitment to providing quality Spanish subtitling.

Celebrating Inclusive Entertainment

As Elefantec Global and unite their creative forces, audiences can anticipate a fresh wave of laughter and entertainment that transcends borders, celebrating the universal language of humor while honoring diverse cultural sensibilities, now made even more inclusive through skillful Spanish subtitling.

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Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting journey from screen to cinema and beyond, enriched by the magic of Spanish subtitling. For hilarious sketches with subtitles, visit here.

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