Just what is direct translation from audio/video?

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Just what is direct translation from audio/video?

We are frequently asked to complete ‘direct translation’ which can be from either audio, or from video. But exactly what is ‘direct translation’? Our clients frequently make foreign language audio or video recordings. The content can be literally anything, but the endgame is the same. Our linguists listen to the content (which may be in Spanish, French, German or any other language) and produce an English transcript, with no steps in between.

So there is no initial same language transcription, just a final English text. That’s why it’s called ‘direct translation’, as it’s direct, quick and efficient.

There are some unique skills which our linguists need to be able to complete this kind of assignment. Whatever the content, whether it is a company report, a webinar, a recording of a meeting or focus group, a seminar, workshops, conferences, lectures, telephone interviews or face-to-face interviews, the linguist who works on the material will need, broadly speaking, the same set of skills.

Perhaps the most obvious thing is that the linguist needs to be bilingual and fluent in at least two languages. A huge number of our requests are for European languages (particularly Spanish, French and German), but we also have a growing number of enquiries for Arabic, Japanese and Chinese content.

The linguist also needs to have a great ear and be able to discern exactly what is said on a video or audio file. Often this means using transcription software (like a rather sophisticated media player), together with a foot pedal.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly of all, the translator needs to be able to quickly produce English transcripts of the content from audio or video, usually in record time. This means being able to translate ‘on-the-fly’, which is very different from text translation, where one has the source material in front of one’s eyes.

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