German Transcription Services Post-Pandemic

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Transcription services, capturing the spoken word and recording it as the written word, have been commonplace for a number of years. The global pandemic fuelled the rise in popularity of video meetings, which are easily recordable. This has led to a subsequent growth in our high-quality German transcription services, which can accurately record what has been said.

Note-taking vs German Transcription

You may be familiar with being asked to take notes at a meeting, never an easy assignment. Generally we speak between 100 and 200 words every minute, that’s an awful lot to write down. As a note-taker you have to prioritise what is captured – which can lead to important information being missed. With transcription everything is written down, so no vital information is missed. Because the recording can be rewound, the transcript is far more accurate. This is why more and more companies, particularly those based in Germany are using a German transcription services.

The German Language

German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and serves as the native tongue for over 90 million people. With its distinctive grammar structure, compound words, and nuanced expressions, German embodies a blend of tradition and modernity. Whether navigating the intricacies of its grammatical cases or reveling in the resonance of its poetry, the German language invites exploration into the depths of culture and intellect.

Academic and Professional Applications

German researchers frequently use transcription when conducting research interviews. One to one interviews are best when the interviewer can focus on asking the important questions – rather than making notes as they go along. By recording the interview and then using our German transcription services they get an accurate transcript without losing focus during the interview. This also allows any technical or specific terminology to be recorded accurately.

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Transcribing meetings isn’t just a recap for the people present at the meeting. Transcription services allow the meeting contents to be distributed to all interested parties, including those who are Deaf or hard of hearing. This increases the inclusivity of the company or organisation.

Beyond a German Transcription Services

An accurate transcript is the starting point to a world of other services, including translation, subtitling and voice-overs. Ensuring the source is captured accurately in it’s original language enables a confident translation. Our German transcription services allows you to open up your content to non-German speakers when accompanied by our translations services.

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