Welsh Subtitles and Captions for Media Companies

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Welsh Subtitles and Captions

With an increasing number of programmes made specifically for Welsh audiences, so comes real demand for Welsh subtitles and captions.

The Welsh language is a minority language and was, at one stage, really under threat. But support for the Welsh language grew throughout the second half of the twentieth century and with the Welsh Language Act of 1993 and the Government of Wales Act in 1998, Welsh and English languages came to be treated equally in the public sector. In 2010, the Welsh Assembly also approved a set of measures to develop Welsh language use in Wales. The knock-on effect was that there was real growth in Welsh-language TV programming, which caused a real rise in demand for both Welsh language subtitles and captions and also English subtitles and captions for programmes filmed in Welsh.

Here at Knockhundred, our most frequent requests come from production companies, who have material shot in Wales and who need it subtitled into English. This often occurs where a programme has been made for screening in Wales, but may also be available as ‘on-demand’ TV in other areas. In these situations, our subtitlers will be given video files in Welsh and will need to produce subtitles in English. Our clients demand subs in just about any format, from plain text, to Word, to HTML, Final Cut Pro XML, Spruce STL or Subrip (srt). (Subrip SRT files are definitely the most popular though).

At other times, we’ll be asked to produce same-language subtitles or captions. This is often the case where captions are specially needed for those who are unable to hear audio on a given programme. Closed captions are a little different from subtitles, as they also describe non-speech elements.

We have an extensive team of Welsh linguists based who are able to work on subtitles and captions in Welsh, in English, of from Welsh to English! They have a wealth of relevant experience and are willing to go the extra mile to subtitle your footage.

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Should you require our help with Welsh Subtitles and Captions or indeed if you need help with Subtitles & Captions in any other language, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us and our team will do their best to help you. If you have a file you would like us to check, or you would like some advice, or a free quote, then do please go to our Free Quote & File Uploads page.


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