French transcription of call-centre recordings

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French transcription of call-centre recordings

We are working closely with a new client who operates call-centres throughout Europe, with the majority being based in France and Germany. Our client is anxious to ensure a really high level of customer service and with this in mind, is commissioning us to transcribe French audio recordings, which will then be analysed, with a view to developing better customer-relations and a higher level of satisfaction.

The call recordings are principally telephone conversations between call-centre employees and their customers. Generally the callers are phoning to inquire about changing an existing policy they hold with the client, or alternatively, new callers approach the client about taking out a policy.

The conversations are recorded in French and are usually good quality audio. We are supplied with the raw MP3 files and then produce French to French transcription of the conversations. (Although for this project we receive the source files in MP3 format, for similar assignments, we often receive files in WAV format (particularly for film (video files), or subtitling assignments)).

Once the French audio has been transcribed (in French) it is returned to the client in Word format. The speakers are clearly labelled in the transcript and a time-code marker is always inserted at 5 minute intervals.

With the final, complete transcript, the client is then in a position to analyse their data. They will be able to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of their service and work out which areas may have room for improvement or further development. And if they are an international company, then they may also require English transcripts – and we can, of course, also offer French to English translation or even French to English direct translation from audio.

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