Voice-overs for a Global Market

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Voice-overs for a Global Market

In their efforts to reach customers all around the world, car manufacturers often produce adverts that can be aired in multiple territories: Europe, Asia or the Americas. While subtitling is a quick and relatively straightforward process, our clients often prefer a more ‘human’ approach and therefore employ a voice-over instead, which is where Knockhundred comes in.

The majority of the films which we receive are in English. Our clients usually have an English copy of the video, but require voice-overs recorded in other languages. There are occasions where the source content is in a language other than English, but essentially the process of producing voice-over recordings remains exactly the same.

Our VO artists always need a script to work from, in their native language. So when we receive a video shot in English, but the client needs a Spanish VO, we obviously need a Spanish script first. It’s also really important that the scripts have ‘time-code markers’, so that the timing of the VO artist’s speech can be accurately synchronised with the video. Sometimes we are provided with a time-coded English script and sometimes not, it’s absolutely no problem either way – we can time-code in seconds!

Ultimately our job is simple – we usually need to time-code an existing script and translate it into all target languages. We then head to the recording suite with our VO artists and record and synchronise the voice-overs for audiences worldwide. Sometimes our clients will ask us to burn the audio into the video too, but that is another story.

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