English transcriptions provide greater accessibility

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English transcriptions provide greater accessibility

There are many reasons why audio or video material might be transcribed, with one of the main reasons being a matter of accessibility. People who are deaf or have a degree of hearing loss will obviously struggle to access any audio content on websites or elsewhere without assistance.

Providing an English transcript to accompany the audio or video file will enable this group to access the recorded material. In America it is actually illegal in some states not to provide transcriptions or subtitles for video content whether broadcast on or offline.

Some people with cognitive disabilities also rely on English transcriptions to read rather than listen to recorded content providing access to information that would otherwise be overlooked.

From a very basic point of view, accompanying English transcriptions can also benefit those people with a very slow internet connection enabling them to download the text rather than the much larger audio or video content.

More recently, transcribing in English, and of course in other languages, makes audio and video content searchable both on and offline. This is achieved by synchronising the timing of the source material with the transcript.


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