Hate crime in Bedford Polish communities post Brexit

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The rise in hate crime against Polish communities

Police, Polish translators and interpreters are working closely with the Polish community following a string of alleged hate crimes.

It comes to something when a Polish woman chatting to her Polish friend in a queue in Tesco in Bedford is refused service because she is speaking Polish. What is the world coming to? You can bet your bottom dollar that the very same Tesco cashier would be outraged to be on the receiving end of such rudeness if she travelled abroad and “got caught” speaking English in a non-English speaking country.

Understandably, members of the Polish community with family are advising each other not to speak Polish in public. Really?

In an effort to tackle hate crime, Bedfordshire police have delivered workshops in Polish churches and schools in Dunstable and Luton. Leaflets are also being translated into Polish.

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