Personal Data and the English Transcription Process

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Personal Data and the English Transcription Process

With GDPR upon us, we thought we would look at some of the possible implications for our English transcription service.

Aspects to consider don’t just apply to the actual transcription process but from the beginning of the project, before any recording has even taken place. As it is almost impossible to guarantee that a recording will not contain some information making it possible to identify an individual, it is best to assume that the General Data Protection Regulation will apply.

Any interviews should be recorded on an encrypted device. The participants must be made fully aware of the purpose of the recordings, and ideally, that the recordings will be made available for transcription at a later stage.

Once the interview is finished, a secure way of transmitting the recording must be established such as uploading to a secure transcription service site, transferring the material to an encrypted memory stick or encrypting the file to AES 256-bit standard.

Our English transcribers are accustomed to dealing with sensitive and confidential material, they are contractually bound to keep all information gleaned from transcribing files confidential and are happy to sign additional Non Disclosure Agreements if required.

We are often asked to redact any material from transcripts that could make it possible to identify an individual – names and places etc. Completed transcripts can be password protected and/or uploaded to a secure platform. Unless otherwise requested, all source audio files and resulting transcripts can be deleted on completion of a project.

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