Hindi to English subtitling for documentaries shot in India

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Hindi to English subtitling for documentaries shot in India

We’ve been working with an independent UK-based production company, making a fascinating documentary series on religion in India. Over the last few weeks the film crew have been learning a huge amount about Hinduism, exploring the deities of the Hindu pantheon, visiting religious sites and meeting ascetics (sadhus). We’ve received hours of raw footage and have then been producing direct translations from Hindu into English for the client.

The first stage for us here at Knockhundred has been to produce simple English transcripts from the Hindi video files. The transcripts have been produced by our team of Hindi translators, to enable the production company’s edit team to gain an initial overview of the material they will be working with. These transcripts have a time-code marker every 5 minutes, to allow the team to isolate specific points in the footage they wish to use in the final edit.

Once the editors have isolated the segments of the material that they will be using, it’s our job to subtitle those points. This may sound like a straightforward process, but subtitling is actually a difficult and involved skill, which takes quite some time to master. There are a number of rules and conventions that apply to subtitling, whether one is subtitling adverts or factual programming, and these rules really have to be observed, to ensure that the audience can read the subtitles quickly and comfortably. The final synchronised subtitle files are then delivered in SRT format, allowing thousands to enjoy this engaging series.

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