English subtitles as a marketing tool

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English subtitles as a marketing tool

Do adding English subtitles improve your marketing opportunities? There is no doubt that the pros of adding subtitles to your video content heavily outweigh any cons.

In addition to Deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences, many people use subtitles as a way of learning English as a second language. English subtitles also enable people in a noisy environment to watch video content.

1 in 6 people in the UK have some kind of hearing impairment, and nearly 20% of all on-demand programmes watched, use subtitles on BBC iPlayer.

It is estimated that people are around 10% more likely to view video content if subtitles are available. Subtitled videos are prioritised on Facebook and so get more likes, comments and shares as well as enabling social networking platforms and Google to index and analyse the content of the video.

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