French Subtitles for Advertising

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French Subtitles for Advertising

Sometimes a media company may be seeking people to feature in their advertising campaign. They will travel all over the globe, desperately seeking the perfect ‘new face’ for a product. At other times, a film crew may be creating a trailer for an up-and-coming TV series that they are producing. The film crew are often ‘on location’ overseas, in a different time-zone and a far flung location… However, they almost always need their subtitles turned around quickly.

At Knockhundred we’re used to ‘last minute’ requests and are experienced at providing subtitles at the drop of a hat. We have a team of experienced linguists, who are also highly competent ‘techies’, able to take a French video and subtitle it in English. Or indeed an English video and subtitle it in French. We’re used to working across time-zones and to media industry rush deadlines (challenging as they often are!) and our linguists are au fait with fiddly tech requests. If it’s doable, then we find a way to make it work.

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