Polish video SEO tips makes Knockhundred an authority

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Polish video SEO tips makes Knockhundred an authority

I can’t tell you how secretly thrilled I was the other day to be described as an “authority” on Polish video SEO techniques – much to the amusement of my colleagues of course.

I should point out that my expertise is as a result of patient mentoring from our IT guru, and extensive fishing around on the internet. I only pick Polish to talk about video SEO as this happens to be the language we were first commissioned to work with.

The use of video content as part of an overall marketing strategy has increased dramatically over the last few years, but many people don’t know how to make their videos work for them. It is no use deciding to create a video in Polish to market your product or service if Google can’t find it.

I have stolen some top tips from Teresa Litza as a starting point:

  • Add value
  • Host video on your own domain
  • Create interactive content
  • Create relevant metadata
  • Optimise with keywords
  • Focus on the thumbnail
  • Make “shareable” content
  • Add a video transcript
  • Create a video sitemap
  • Repurpose video
  • Allow embedding of your video
  • Share on social media

The part where Knockhundred comes into its own is adding a video transcript, and in this particular case, a Polish video transcript. We are also able of course to provide the thumbnail text and relevant metadata information in Polish.

Remember that Google can’t actually “hear” and understand the content of your Polish video, though I suspect advances in artificial intelligence mean that it won’t be too long before it can. This is why it is so important to add a Polish video transcript so that Google can index the content and your audience can find you.

This can also be achieved by adding Polish subtitles, but more about that another time…

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