It’s all Greek to me!

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It’s all Greek to me!

We are often asked about the best way to produce an English translation of the Greek speech in videos or audio files. The first step is to establish whether an initial Greek transcript will be required as well as the English translation.

The answer to this question will have an impact on the budget, the schedule and how the project is costed. Let’s assume that the Greek transcript will not be necessary, and all that is required will be the English translation.

If only the English translation is required, then the cost will be calculated per source Greek audio minute. Our Greek to English linguist will listen to the audio and produce a direct written translation into English.

If however our client requires both the Greek transcript AND a translation of the transcript in English, then this two-stage workflow will obviously take longer and the costs are calculated in a different way. The cost for the initial Greek transcript will be calculated according to the number of source audio minutes. The cost for the ensuing English translation will be calculated by the number of source words in the Greek transcript.

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