Translation of Media Material for International Filmmakers

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Translation of Media Material for International Filmmakers

We work with a number of independent filmmakers and media companies who produce documentary films for various UK and international TV channels. Since schedules are often last-minute and changeable, we frequently receive last-minute requests for translations and subsequently for subtitling assignments.

Recently we’ve been receiving a number of requests to translate release forms into various different European and international languages. A release form is essentially a contract between a film company and an individual being filmed, where the individual concerned gives permission for the footage which they feature in to be used. In the past we’ve translated English release forms into Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Italian. For these types of projects, we frequently have a very limited time-frame in which to complete the translations (often just 48 hours!)

Once our clients have received the release forms, they are in a position to begin filming, and once their film is completed, it’s time for us to begin subtitling!

Usually our clients spend a few days cutting down their film footage, but once they have a final edit (or once they have selected only the material that they will definitely use), then they send us the material. Gone are the days when filmmakers used real film stock – a quick digital transfer sends the footage to us. We then work round the clock to produce the subtitles, whether in Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Spanish or Italian .

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