Our Polish Transcription Service

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Our Polish Transcription Service

Here at Knockhundred we receive more and more requests for our Polish transcription service.

Sometimes, a client may just submit an audio recording of a meeting conducted in Polish, where a simple transcript is needed for reference. The recording may be just in Polish, or it might be a mix of both Polish and English audio. Depending on how long the recording is and how quickly it’s required, we may have just one linguist working on this, or sometimes a bigger team. Our clients always demand premium quality, even when something needs to be completed in record-time. So our on-site project management team have to exercise real attention to detail. That way, we can ensure consistency across multiple transcripts.

Challenges we face

Another challenge we face is where there are really detailed, specialised requests. Depending on the intended use of the final transcripts, our clients may require us to use specific ‘tags’ within transcripts, to ensure, for example, incidences of certain actions or words are highlighted. This means that both project managers and Polish transcriptionists must work together, to quickly get up to speed, to understand the spec.

We understand that no two requests are the same and tailor our projects specifically to each client. If you need Polish video or audio transcription, please do not hesitate to call us.


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