French Direct Translations for Market Research

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French Direct Translations for Market Research

Companies specialising in market research and market analysis frequently use qualitative research studies to assist them in their endeavours. Interviews and focus group recordings are one of the most common methods used and these can be recorded in literally ANY language! Recently our French clients have been sending a lot of material to us, high-volume, fast turnaround transcriptions and direct translations.

We’ve been working on several hours of material, consisting of a number of face-to-face interviews and focus group recordings, supplied as MP3s. The recordings need to be transcribed in both the original French and also in English (what we style a ‘direct translation’ or a ‘one step media translation’, where the linguist transcribes directly from French into English, to produce an English transcript).

The client has requested transcripts in both languages, which means a lot of transcription and a lot of files! For this particular project, we’re delivering two transcripts for each audio file, though for some projects, we simply submit our transcripts in a bilingual table.

Our client has already started receiving the final material and will collect, analyze and present the data. Hopefully the content will assist them in pinpointing current market trends and will aid them in advising the end client. Meanwhile we will produce transcriptions…. And more transcriptions!

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