Portuguese to English subtitles for castings

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Portuguese to English subtitles for castings

In the world of advertising, time is always of the essence. But before an advertising campaign even reaches the screens, a whole series of castings take place, which is where Knockhundred Translations comes in.

If we’re lucky, we are given some advance warning of when we will receive material for subtitling (and we are obviously really happy when we do!) But sometimes we will simply receive a batch of foreign language videos (usually in European languages such as German, Italian, French or Spanish, but sometimes in Russian, Chinese or Japanese and they need to be subtitled into English… urgently!

Recently we’ve been involved in a major casting project, which involves subtitling a large number of videos of people speaking in Portuguese. While the audio is in Portuguese, the subtitles need to be in English. The subtitles for the casting videos are needed by one of our larger media clients. A major fashion house will use the material to decide which individuals will feature in an up-and-coming advertising campaign.

Our remit is to quickly (and here I really emphasise the word ‘quickly!’) produce English subtitles for the material, and turn them around for the client in record-time. While this may seem like a straightforward process, it is actually pretty involved. We need to ensure that our team of transcriptionists have all the necessary material and are fully aware of any of the client’s specific requests or guidelines. We need to work quickly as a team, to make sure that everything runs smoothly and once the subs are completed, they then need to be QC’d and checked for accuracy, before being returned to the client for approval.

There are sometimes hurdles along the way but we’re used to leaping over them, so we’re no longer phased by anything.

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