Burning Spanish Subtitles To Video

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Burning Spanish subtitles to video

Video content is something we encounter on a daily basis, whether for work or pleasure. However if you speak a language different to the source language of the video then this can be challenging. Subtitles are a great way to ensure the video’s message gets across, whatever the language the watcher speaks. So for example, if the video is in English and you have a Spanish speaking audience, then burning Spanish subtitles to video may be exactly what you need!

Burning subtitles to video

Hard-embedded subtitles are often referred to as being ‘burned’ onto a video. Whenever you watch the video the subtitles are always there, regardless of the platform or media player. Soft-embedded subtitles can be ‘turned off and on’ as required by the user. You may be familiar with them from platforms such as Netflix or other streaming services. 

Why burn the subtitles to the video?

Burning the subtitles onto the video allows you to control how the subtitles appear in relation to the video. At Knockhundred our subtitle embedding services allow you to choose the font, colour, size and positioning of your subtitles.

Burning Spanish subtitles to video

Burning subtitles in Spanish is often required for organisations where there is an English and Spanish speaking workforce, and all Company material is provided in both languages. If the video is recorded in English then Spanish subtitles are burned onto the video for inclusivity. For some Spanish programming, organisations such as the FCC in the United States of America require Spanish Closed captions to be burned onto the videos.

Why can’t I let software provide the subtitles?

I’m sure we’ve all watched video clips – perhaps where listening to the audio isn’t an option – on public transport of a crowded place for example, and seen examples of subtitles that just don’t make sense. Whilst AI is becoming better, if you’re looking for accuracy then you need to have your subtitles professionally created. For  more information on the services Knockhundred provides, visit our Spanish subtitling services page.

You can find the latest news from Spain here on the BBC’s Spanish news page

Burning Spanish subtitles to video content is the best way to control how the subtitles look, enhancing accessibility, and ensuring inclusivity of the audience. 

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