Italian subtitler’s dream film

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Italian subtitler’s dream film

Our Italian subtitling projects normally involve short video clips, documentaries and adverts, but it turns out that secretly what our subtitling team crave to subtitle is the film, The Godfather.

Filmed in 1972, the majority of the dialogue is in English, but there is a short extract between Michael and Sollozzo in Italian where no English subtitles have been provided. After all these years, fans still discuss the reason for this and have come up with various reasons: the Italian speech is too rapid and any English subtitles would be a distraction for the audience; the scene is important visually, what Sollozzo is saying actually isn’t… You can catch up on the debate on Stack Exchange

Our Italian subtitling team definitely voted The Godfather as the project to get – either providing Italian subtitles for the English dialogue, or the English subtitles for that rapid bit of speech between Michael and Sollozzo, even though Coppola decided against including them on the original.

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We understand that you may not have an iconic gangster movie for us to subtitle, but if you do have some material requiring subtitles in any language and would be interested in learning more about our Italian subtitling service, do please get in touch and one of our project managers will be happy to help.


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