Polish books that should be translated into English

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Polish books that should be translated into English

We have been compiling lists of books that should be translated into Polish.

Our first selection is chosen by Polish translator, Antonia Lloyd-Jones (British Council):

  1. A meticulously researched, epic historical novel set in Italy: Maciej Hen, Solfatara (WAB Foksal, 2015)
  2. An atmospheric short novel linking an unlikely trio: Julia Fiedorczuk, Weightless (Marginesy, 2015)
  3. The enfant terrible of post-war Polish literature: Marek Hłasko, The Rice Burners (1968)
  4. A Polish immigrant’s life in Britain, on the Isle of Man: Dionisios Sturis, Wherever You Throw Me (WAB Foksal, 2015)
  5. A prize-winning fantasy-adventure novel for young adults: Marcin Szczygielski, The Invisible Children’s Theatre (Latarnik, 2016)
  6. The world in a grain of sand – a strong voice in contemporary Polish poetry: Krystyna Dąbrowska, Time and Aperture (Znak, 2014)

Our second selection of Polish books that should be translated into English is chosen by Anna Błasiak (lithub.com). You’ll note one title coming up again…

  1. Weightlessness is one of the best women’s novels in recent years: it’s universal, it opens itself up to many different interpretations, it’s complex and rich in meaning. ulia Fiedorczuk, Nieważkość (Weightlessness), Wydawnictwo Marginesy, 2015.
  2. The novel is written in an ironic tone, with striking language—a mixture of naïve, coarse speech and the style of the smooth, controlled narrative. Joanna Bator, Piaskowa Góra (Sandy Hill), Wydawnictwo W.A.B., 2009.
  3. Weronika Murek takes her readers to a world they find familiar. Weronika Murek, Uprawa roślin południowych metodą Miczurina (Growing Southern Plants the Michurin Way), Wydawnictwo Czarne, 2015.
  4. Bargielska confronts taboos—breaking the silence about stillbirth and miscarriage. Justyna Bargielska, Obsoletki (Born Sleeping), Wydawnictwo Czarne, 2010.
  5. In this book war is shown not only as a tragic episode in history, but as a living memory, which even after many years puts us on our guard as a danger that could recur. Anna Janko, Mała zagłada (A Minor Annihilation), Wydawnictwo Literackie, 2015.
  6. The heroine gains the right to speak and expresses her identity, and demolishes the previous system of cultural truths and axioms. Maria Janion, Kobiety i duch inności (Women and the Spirit of Otherness), Wydawnictwo Sic!, 2006.

Our professional and experienced Polish literary translators would love to get their hands on any of the above books.

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