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The Perfect Transcription

Accurate transcription is extremely important –  especially in medical or technical transcription. Every word holds significance, and even the smallest error can lead to dire consequences. Here’s what needs to be considered if you are seeking the perfect transcription:

The Brief 

The clearer your brief is, the better the output! Your transcriber can label speakers if there are a few people in conversation on your source file. They can redact sensitive information, e.g. place names or people’s names and addresses. They can time-code the transcription by seconds or minutes for ease of reference. If the source material has super-specific information in it such as  (e.g. for medical transcriptions) the names of prescription items, you can provide a list. 

It’s more than just “writing it down”

Transcription is more than just converting audio files into text; it’s a nuanced process that demands attention to detail and a deep understanding of the subject’s terminology. For example, in the medical world, errors in transcription can lead to misinterpretations of patient records, incorrect treatment plans, and potential risks to patient safety.

The Perfect Transcription needs the Right People!

Investing in highly trained professionals who possess a strong foundation in the subject’s terminology and procedures ensures that the transcription will be accurate, even when dealing with complex jargon. And, an expert transcriber will be mindful of their own continuous professional development and stay on top of the latest industry changes. 

Quality and Accuracy

Establishing robust quality assurance processes will help reduce errors. Before the work is returned to you, your language services provider will check over the finished transcription to ensure that timecodes and speaker label requirements have been adhered to. You may also wish to have a review process in place where another linguist reviews the original work, just to ensure that absolutely nothing has been misconstrued. 


You may be looking for same language transcription, or perhaps you need it in one or more languages? Your language services provider can arrange for translation and localisation of your documents if the end users speak different languages. You can add this into your brief to ensure accurate costs and turnaround times are supplied. 

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