Arabic Subtitles and Captions for Media Companies

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Arabic Subtitles and Captions for Media Companies

Our Arabic linguists have been working all hours of late, to meet the pressing demands of a plethora of independent filmmakers, media companies, post production houses and private organisations, all of whom need Arabic content subtitling into English.

Whenever we receive a subtitling request, we quickly establish the ‘What’ and the ‘When’…

‘What’s’ needed? Will the client need the subtitles as an SRT, STL, FAB, SST file, or in any other format? We can export our subtitles in pretty-much any way, so this never poses a problem.

The second question, is of course ‘When?’ and the answer is usually ‘Yesterday!’Our team of experienced Arabic linguists are used to the pressure of turning projects around quickly. We do tend to find that the hectic nature of media scheduling means that our clients often need super-fast delivery. Sometimes we’re given 24 hours, sometimes just hours!

This is particularly the case with material for television needing Arabic subtitles. If a TV programme has been scheduled to go out on a particular day, then there is often no leeway in terms of turnaround time. For example it’s often the case that documentary footage has sections that need Arabic subtitles the same day. We’re always on hand to help. We base our quotations on the actual availability of specific individuals, so we only promise what we can genuinely deliver.

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Should you require our help with Arabic subtitles and captions do not hesitate to get in touch with us and our team will do their best to help you.


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