Korean Medical Translations for Pharmaceutical Products

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Korean Medical Translations for Pharmaceutical Products

South Korea is a major export market for some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical manufacturers and indeed South Korea represents the third largest pharmaceutical market in the Asia-Pacific region.

A number of multinational corporations both export and develop products in South Korea. Korea has also become a significant leader in the world of clinical trials, due to both government funding and international investment. In terms of the total number of annual clinical trials country by country, Korea ranks at number seven.

Korea’s growing pharmaceutical market means that major multinationals are commissioning an increasing number of translations for the Korean market. The translation of medical material is obviously a huge area for translation and encompasses a wide variety of material, from website translation, to research papers, to medical interview transcriptions, information leaflets, labels, packaging etcetera etcetera.

At Knockhundred Translations, we work with a small, skilled team of Korean medical translators who are consistently ready to go the extra mile, to ensure that our clients’ diverse translation assignments are accurate and delivered to deadline.

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