Spanish subtitling service as language-learning tool

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Spanish subtitling service as language-learning tool

You can understand why teachers of the Spanish language recommend watching films and TV programmes that have been subtitled either in Spanish of English. It is a great way to learn another language.

Language courses run by organisations such as DuoLingo provide great resources on how to find Spanish and English films that have already been subtitled. For example:

La Vaca – Holy Cow with English subtitles
El Pasajero with English subtitles
Ugly betty in Spanish with English subtitles
¿Eres tú, María? With Spanish subtitles

One of our Project Managers spent a year in Spain after graduation, and she is clear that the majority of her Spanish language skills were gained from watching subtitled films in either Spanish or English. This is probably why her Spanish is so idiomatic, though she did comment that the standard of the subtitles varied enormously. If we didn’t know better, we might expect that some of them had been created automatically, using speech recognition technology.

While speech recognition software is reasonably good at providing draft timings, it cannot follow subtitling conventions such as character lengths, number of lines per subtitle, appropriate editing so that the flavour of the speech is captured.

Our professional Spanish subtitling service is fulfilled by our vetted team of real human beings, so that you get the best possible results. We can work from either source Spanish video material and provide translated English subtitles, work from English video material and provide subtitles in Spanish, or if working from Spanish film, we can simply provide Spanish subtitles. Whatever suits your needs best.

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