How our telephone interpreting service works

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How our telephone interpreting service works

Clients often ask us how we are able to offer a telephone interpreting service 24/7, 7 days a week – especially since we are able to offer this service in over 150 languages.

With costs from as little as £15.00 + VAT for a 10-minute, 2-way call, our telephone interpreting service is a competitive option. Set-up is free and there are no subscription fees. Once you have decided to use the service, you will be allocated a PIN number and given access to the interpreting hotline telephone number.

We have put together the following tips and advice about using the telephone interpreting service.

For the purposes of this list, “other individual” means the person you are trying to communicate with via the interpreter.

  • Remember it is you that will lead the conference call, and not the interpreter.
  • Try to establish exactly which language and dialect the other individual speaks before you ring the interpreting hotline. This will ultimately save you time and money.
  • Remember that the call will take at least twice as long as an English-only call. You need to allow time for the interpreting stage.
  • If you are able, please brief the interpreter before speaking to the other individual.
  • Speak directly to the other individual during your conversation. For example, ask the other individual “How was your journey?” rather than asking the interpreter “Can you find out if the journey went ok?” 
  • When speaking to the other individual, try to break up the information into manageable chunks.
  • Before you end the conversation, make sure that both the other individual and the interpreter knows that the session is about to finish.

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If you would be interested in learning more about our telephone interpreting service, do please get in touch and one of our project managers will be happy to help.


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