Language services in Kent

Our language services in Kent

Knockhundred offers professional interpreting and translation solutions throughout Kent. To date, our linguists have worked in over 190 languages and the list continues to grow. You can find a full list of our languages here.

Our teams of qualified, skilled language interpreters can attend your assignment 24/7 in Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Canterbury, Dover, Thanet, Ashford, Bromley, Folkestone, Greenwich and throughout Kent.

Knockhundred Translations provides several types of interpreting, including telephone interpreting. For more information on our interpreters and the interpreting services we offer in Kent, please visit our main interpreting page.

Alternatively you can visit the relevant language service page below:

Do you have a certificate or official document that needs translating and/or certifying?

If you live in Kent, we can help with your certified document translation requirements. Visit our certified, notarised or FCO legalised translation page for more information.

Quite interesting facts about Kent

Canterbury. Did you know that although he hated his time there as a boy Somerset Maugham had his ashes scattered at the King’s School Canterbury? His schooldays were not his happiest – French was his first language, his English still prone to error and thus ridicule; and the deaths of his mother from TB and father from cancer before he reached his teens left him with a bad stammer, again subject to mockery by thoughtless school-fellows.

Dover. Did you know that Matthew Webb , the very first person to swim the English Channel, left from Dover in 1875 ? It took almost 22 hours. He became a huge celebrity, and like many such could not face his fame waning: in 1883 he tried to boost it with another feat – attempting to defeat the rapids below Niagara Falls. He came second and is buried in the town.

Maidstone. Did you know that Leeds Castle near Maidstone is sometimes referred to as Ladies’ Castle because so many Queens of England have lived there? Eleanor of Castile and Margaret of France, Edward I’s two wives; Philippa of Hainault the wife of Edward III; Catherine de Valois, Henry V’s spouse; Catherine of Aragon, the first wife of Henry VIII (or not, your view in his reign depending on survival instincts); and even his daughter Elizabeth, the future Queen, all resided at the lovely castle at one time or another.