Kinyarwanda Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

We offer a full Kinyarwanda medical translation service with fully qualified professional Kinyarwanda medical translators. They have a huge breadth of experience and knowledge of medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Professional Kinyarwanda medical and pharmaceutical translation services

Our professional Kinyarwanda medical translators only translate into their mother tongue. They also have specialist subject knowledge so they can combine linguistic skill with expertise in the subject area. This combination means translations are both technically accurate and culturally astute. Your completed Kinyarwanda medical translation will be returned on time, within budget and in the agreed format.

Your completed Kinyarwanda medical translation will be returned on time, within budget and in the agreed format.

Some of our Kinyarwanda medical and pharmaceutical translation services
  • Translation of Kinyarwanda medical or pharmaceutical documents
  • Kinyarwanda medical website translation and localisation
  • Kinyarwanda translation of research papers
  • Kinyarwanda medical transcreation services
  • Kinyarwanda translation of information leaflets, labels and packaging translation, including dosage and instructions on use
  • Kinyarwanda translation of consultation and doctors' reports and records
  • Kinyarwanda translation of protocols
  • Kinyarwanda translation of medical books
Confidentiality during the translation process

As part of our contract with you, we and our Kinyarwanda translators are required to keep all material confidential that is not in the public domain. We are also happy to sign more specific confidentiality agreements if required.

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Kinyarwanda, called in Uganda, Igifumbira, is an official language of Rwanda and a dialect of the Rwanda-Rundi language spoken by 12 million people in Rwanda, Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and adjacent parts of southern Uganda. The Kirundi dialect is the official language of neighbouring Burundi. Kinyarwanda is one of the three official languages of Rwanda (along with English, French and Kiswahili) and is spoken by almost all of the native population. That contrasts with most modern African states, whose borders were drawn by colonial powers and do not correspond to ethnic boundaries or precolonial kingdoms.


Kinyarwanda SAMPLE TEXT

Vuga buhoro buhoro

Kinyarwanda example video

These are intended as language sample videos - the subtitles/captions were not created by Knockhundred Translations.
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AND LASTLY, A Kinyarwanda tongue twister

Ibibiribiri bibiri biri mu murima wa Mubirigi. Hari umugabo wo kwica ibibiribiri bibibri!