Court interpreting Services

Court interpreting

We provide court interpreting services and fully qualified professional court interpreters throughout the UK.

To book your court interpreter, please fill out the contact form. We'd be delighted to welcome you as another of our satisfied clients.

Court interpreters for a variety of clients

In addition to our other interpreting services, we also offer court interpreters for:

  • Solicitors and barristers
  • Lawyers
  • UK law firms
  • Police interviews
  • Depositions
  • Witness preparation
  • Solicitor/client meetings
  • Direct to UK courts
Court interpreters with the right qualifications

Knockhundred's Court interpreters, (like all our interpreters across all of the languages we offer) are fully qualified and vetted by us. Most are accredited to accepted industry-wide standards, and most carry professional qualifications and membership of respected linguist organisations.

Many of our interpreters have undertaken a Criminal Records Bureau check. Please ask us if you particularly need an interpreter who has been CRB checked (and what level of CRB checked interpreter you require) or if you particularly require an interpreter on the National Register of Public Service Interpreters. In all but exceptional circumstances, our court interpreters have also achieved DPSI status.

If you need a properly qualified court interpreter, Knockhundred is able to deliver. That's why our clients come back time and again for our court interpreting services.

Experienced court interpreters across the UK

Knockhundred provides court interpreters in...

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Cardiff
  • Edinburgh...

In fact, we usually have court interpreters available with a wide range of language combinations for your assignment virtually anywhere in the UK.

PACE interpreting services

Knockhundred offers a PACE (Police and Criminal Evidence Act) interpreting service. Our interpreters will attend interviews under caution and/or police interviews. Our clients include local authorities, specifically benefit fraud investigations, and solicitors across the UK dealing with both civil and criminal law cases. We also offer a PACE transcription service.

Court interpreting languages

Our team of court interpreters comprises linguists with almost any language combination you might require, including:

Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Chinese, Czech, Dari, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Slovak and Spanish.

Our interpreters are often available to work on short cases, or in some instances, cases that span several weeks and sometimes months. Just let us know your court interpreting requirements and we will be happy to get you're the right court interpreter for your assignment.

Contact us for a quotation for any of our language services.