Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpreting

Working in teams of two, our simultaneous interpreters sit in a booth listening and interpreting in real time. By using audio equipment, the delegates attending the conference or event can understand a speaker no matter what language is being spoken.

Simultaneous interpreting is a highly skilled and intensive form of interpreting, requiring experience and mental stamina. We work with the best interpreters in the industry, and can supply interpreters worldwide.

Simultaneous interpreting equipment hire

We can also supply and setup all the simultaneous interpreting equipment you need.

The equipment is designed especially for events where simultaneous interpreters will be working using wireless infra-red transmitters and headsets to relay the speaker to all interpreters, without any need for extra cabling. A trained technician will install, operate and remove the system at the end of the conference. We also provide portable ISO approved booths for the interpreters.

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