Telephone interpreting

Telephone interpreting

Our telephone interpreting service offers you access to interpreters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in over 150 languages. 2 or 3-way conference calls can normally be set up in less than a minute.

The service can be used nationally and internationally. In fact, our telephone interpreting service is fast, competitively priced and easy to use.

Free set-up and no subscription fees

To gain access to our telephone interpreters, there are no subscription fees and no set-up charges. All you need to do is open up an account with us and the telephone interpreting service will be available to you whenever you need it. As an example, the interpreting fees for a 5 minute 2-way call in the UK in most languages could cost as little as £10.00 + VAT at any time of the day or night.

Simple to use telephone interpreting service

Contact us now to open your free account.

Accounts can be opened any time during business hours. Once it’s set up the interpreting service is available to you 24/7. When you open your account, you will be allocated a password, PIN number and given the telephone interpreting hotline number. You will need these to access the service.

Setting up a telephone interpreting call is simple:

  • Telephone the interpreting hotline number, state your name, the name of your organization and your password or PIN.
  • State the language you require.
  • In the case of conference calls, give the phone numbers of any additional lines you need to be connected to. For example, if you are calling your client at their home or office, you will need to provide this number.
  • You will be placed on hold for approximately 60 seconds while you are being connected to your interpreter. You will also be connected by conference call with any additional lines you have requested.
  • When you have finished your call, simply hang up the phone.

Contact us to set-up your free telephone interpreting account or for more information.