University transcription service

University transcription service

Working from audio or video files, our transcriptionists transcribe lectures, academic research material, theses, interviews, academic focus groups and seminars for universities and other academic institutions. This service is available in over 150 languages including English.

As we already work with countless universities across the world, we already have confidentiality agreements in place, we are GDPR compliant and we offer secure uploads and encrypted systems.

We can provide same language transcriptions, for example English to English or German to German, or we can provide direct translations from audio and video in over 150 languages into English. If, for example, you have conducted interviews in Beijing, then we can provide a direct translation from the Mandarin speech into English. For more information about the languages we can help with, please visit our <> [] page. If you don't see the language you are looking for, please <> [] anyway as the number of languages we can help with are increasing faster that we can update our website!

Our university and academic transcription team don't only deal with straightforward transcription and direct translation tasks, but also have experience in preparing transcripts for discourse analysis. Discourse analysis is a time consuming exercise for a university researcher. While we can use special software to prepare a transcript for discourse analysis, including the speaker turns etc, we can also provide a budget-friendly and therefore student-friendly solution. By providing a straightforward verbatim transcript in Word, we can save you valuable time. You can simply edit the transcript and add any necessary elements yourself if this suits you best.

As part of our academic and university transcription service, we can handle just about any input format including: Youtube and Vimeo links, AAC, ACT, AIFC, AIFF, AMR, APE, AU, CAF, DCT, DVS, FLAC, OGG, M4A, MP2, MP3, UPC, MSV, QCP, RA/RM, SHN, SPX, VOC, VOX, WAV, WMA, 3G2, 3GP, ASF, AV1, DivX, DV, FLV, M4V, MKV, MOV, MP4, MPEG, WMV.

Our transcribers can also provide time-stamped transcriptions with a variety of options available - every sentence, every 30 seconds, every minute, every 3 minutes, every 5 minutes. Just let us know what you need and we can provide some templates for you to peruse.

If you are currently a student or member of the academic staff at a university, or you are based at another academic institution, you may be interested to know that we offer an academic discount for our transcription services.

Our most recent partnerships have been with: Anglia Ruskin University, Bangor University, Southampton University, Essex University, Cambridge University, Cardiff University, City University, Durham University, Edge Hill University, Loughborough University, Manchester University, Derby University, Hertfordshire University, University of Pennsylvania, Portsmouth University, University of Southern California, University of Warwick, University of Worcester and Utah University.