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If you are applying to work with us as a document translator, an audio visual translator or to provide subtitles in other languages, please list any relevant post graduate academic, linguistic qualifications/membership of relevant industry bodies.

If you are applying to work with us as a BSL interpreter or palantypist, please list appropriate certificates/membership.

If you are applying to work with us as a same language transcriptionist or voice over artist, please state this. We will ask for further information once your initial application has been approved.

If you do not hold internationally recognised qualifications related to the services you are offering, but have been working professionally in the relevant field for more than 2 years, please state this. We will ask you for evidence once your initial application has been approved.
A member of our language resource team will assess this initial application.
If your answers meet the minimum requirement at this stage, we will be in touch to ask you for further information. This will include:

  • A PDF of your current CV.
  • A PDF file outlining your current rates for the services offered.
  • PDF scans of any relevant qualifications or certificates.
  • PDF scan of at least one reference from one of your clients. If you are concerned about confidentiality, this can be from another Language Service Provider (LSP). The reference(s) must be on company letterhead.
  • If you are applying for voice over work, we will need a short MP3 sample of your voice. By sending us any such sample, you agree that your demo may be sent to one of our clients for their consideration and in addition, your demo may appear on the VO page of our website.
  • A signed, dated and scanned Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you.
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